Harry King : Hair Legend + Photographer

About Harry King


Five decades of iconic celebrities, legendary photographers, top models, movie appearances, TV shows, fashion shows and advertising campaigns

starting in London as an apprentice in the 1950's by 1968 the top salon Michaeljohn's first hairdresser, inventing haircuts, THE LION'S MANE, head of a fashion show team, lecturing, exhibitions , teaching. Working on shoots with David Bailey, Clive Arrowsmith, Bill King, Norman Parkinson, Duffy, Norman Eales

first cover Nova magazine

Fashion shows Jean Muir, Dior, Valentino

moving to NY 1974 , change of name, David to Harry. Working at Cinandre, NY's top salon, five months later Polly Mellen snaps him up for Vogue

Deborah Turbeville, Arthur Elgort, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Scavullo, Patrick Demarchelier, Chris Von Waggenheim, Gordon Parks, Albert Watson, Annie Liebowitz, Terence Donavon, Barry Lategan, , Snowden many more

Designing the hair for the movie Lipstick with Margaux Hemmingway, also appearing.

Established the look for Calvin Klein

1976 Big trend Introducing natural hair for Vogue

1977 Starting haircut craze on Patti Hansen and Rene Russo

American, French, Italian, British Vogue, 100 Cosmopolitan covers worldwide, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Life, People, Newsweek, Time, Viva, NY Times, W, Vanity Fair are just some of the magazines Harry's work has been featured

Celebrities Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Sting, Goldie Hawn, Rita Hayworth, Raquel Welch, Meryl Streep, Liza Minnelli, Charlotte Rampling, Diana Rigg, Helen Mirren, Farrah Fawcett, Brooke Shields, Debbie Harry, Julie Andrews, Mick Jagger, Diana Ross, Shirley MaClaine and many more

1980's Working with Grace Coddington and Liz Tilberis for British Vogue.

Campaings, Maybelline, Chanel,

Harry's BIG hair becomes BIG trend

1990's Details Magazine, editor Bill Mullen working with photographers Bettina Rheims, David LaChapelle, Robert Erdmann

Lucy Lui, Kirtstin Davis, Candace Bushnell, Frances Macdormant, Holly Hunter

campaigns for Saks, Bloomingdales, Victoria Secrets

cover of Time with Monica Lewinsky German Vogue, Italian, Australian Marie Claire, Mirabella

2000s Touring country for Finesse History of hair, giving TV Interviews etc Glamour magazine Wayne Mazer, Robert Erdmann Molly Sims, Heidi Klum, Carla Bruni Sports Illustrated, Mademoiselle, Glamour

2010 Featured as an actor in Paul Morrisey's Road To Nowhere

2012 Featured in Timothy Greenfield-Sanders documentary ‘About Face’. Interest for making the documentary was sparked by photographer Greenfield-Sanders attending one of the legendary ‘Nancy and Harry’s Fashion Reunion Party of the 70’s & 80’s’, co-hosted by Harry King and 80’s supermodel and Vogue cover girl Nancy Donahue. The HBO documentary airs September 2012 and highlights the supermodels of the 70’s and 80’s and their careers - then and now.

Harry King also takes photographs and has taken portraits of Sting, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Rene Russo, Patti Hansen, Gia, Pete Townsend, Janice Dickinson, Jerry Hall, Andy Warhol, Robert Palmer, Raquel Welch, and many more.